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The Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation (CGIFN) has a long history of working with its neighbors to create a cohesive and respectful relationship. It is deeply rooted in our culture to care for the many species and ecosystems that surround us.  We strive to protect an ecological balance while offering visitors the ability to enjoy and appreciate the bounty and beauty of CGIFN lands and Lake Simcoe waters.


Over the last twenty years, CGIFN has engaged in many projects such as the introduction of a car ferry service to the island, a variety of island tourism activities, and its Island View Business Centre (IVBC) that runs numerous retail operations for the band.  The Virginia Beach Marina (VBM) is part of the family of businesses managed by IVBC for Georgina Island and is consistently upgrading its infrastructure and services in order to meet the needs of its growing clientele.  

VBM is very proud to offer a number of services, while at the same time ensuring that we are following strict protocols to ensure the wellbeing of our environment. As a "Clean Marine Certified" facility, we work hard to ensure that we respect environmental practices that reduce and prevent water, air, and land pollution associated with recreational boating activities on beautiful Lake Simcoe.  

We invite you to explore the beauty of our lands and water, and to see why our island is known as the Jewel of Lake Simcoe!

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Image by Joseph Greve
Image by Chris
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